Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduates, Bad Days and Target

Sounds like a bad joke, right?  What does a graduate do when she has a bad day?  She goes to Target! 

I should go into comedy, no?

Okay, the truth is those are the highlights of this weekend.

    • There's just one graduate - my sweet cousin R, who graduated from WHS, my alma mater (does that term apply to high school as well as college?) this weekend.  Congratulations for graduating with honors!  You're going to make a wonderful teacher!  I have to admit I'm really proud of her for choosing an education major.  And guess what?  That will make 4 of our grandparents' 8 grandchildren teachers!  What's really ironic, and something she might not know - the restaurant where her graduation party was held is the same place that Steve and I had our first date exactly 10 years ago TO THE DAY!  We were going to be all schmoopy and go sit in that booth and hold hands, but two little fellas kept us busy!
  • BAD DAY (Cliff Notes version)
    • Almost didn't make the flight after getting up at 5am 
    • Held two squirmy lap babies for over an hour (see above photo)
    • Lost van keys between luggage claim and van
    • Two angry, hungry, overtired babies gave mom a hard time at baggage claim
    • Found keys at lost and found
    • Unnamed Person got into an accident in the parking lot
    • Unnamed Person picked up mom and babies at baggage claim two hours after plane landed
    • Everyone but Vanna (our minivan) is okay.  She's going to the car doctor later this week to be fixed.  (Can anyone recommend a good body shop?)
    • Inspired by yesterday's events to make this a good week, and by my twin-mom-friend E, who said it can be done, I packed up the boys for a run to Target this evening.  I know what you're thinking - this girl flies all over the world with her babies and she's uptight about taking them to Target?  Germ-infested carts aside, I must confess that I EXTREMELY RARELY take both boys anywhere by myself if it's not baby-proofed.  Meaning, they go to E's house, the church nursery, and ECFE (baby school) with me alone.  I'm serious...but I digress.  Something that would take a normal person 10 minutes to do - run into the store to buy diapers and wipes, etc. - took the three of us about an hour.  But here's the proof!  It can be done!  They really seemed to enjoy looking around (People!  Lights!  Wow!), riding in the cart, and shaking baby puff containers.  Now that the diapers are re-stocked and my hope in this week has been restored, I'm certain I can do anything!


lindsey_aulds said...

Good for you making the week better. It's all about what we do with the lemons we're dealt.. like go to target to buy sugar so the lemonade we make tastes better =] That was so cheesy. I'll end this now.. Miss you guys. The pictures are adorable! They look bigger if that is possible.. haha

The Alexanders said...

I totally know what you mean about the simple one item grocery run taking us MOMs a little longer than most, and we keep a container of lysol wipes in the car in case we end up putting the boys into can never be too sure! hahaha. I hope the cucumber slices work out for you, our boys LOVE them, and they get their shirts really wet but not to messy!

April said...

Oh MY GOSH the boys look so BIG!!! I got your msg but was gone all day. I will call tomorrow!! We need to catch up!

Michelle said...

I would of guessed WHS as Western High School. What does it stand for?

KimnSteve said...

Michelle, you're right! Bonus points if you can guess the restaurant!

Michelle said...

I could try to guess the restraunt but you would have to give a few hints such as city and type