Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sixteen Little Monkeys

Jumping on the couch
One fell off 
And cried out, "OUCH!"

Okay, no one fell off the couch, and as far as I know, none of them can actually say, "ouch." 

Yes, there were 8 MVMOMs and 16 one-year-old twins in attendance at this week's play date!  The photo shoot lasted less than two minutes and this one had one escapee, and Mr. C. on the far left was leaving, too.  Matthew and Nathan were gems and stayed put on the floor where the couches come together, waiting for the other 14 kids to get their acts together.
They didn't.  That's our buddy, A, escaping into his mom's arms.

Hopefully someone got a shot with all the kids in it, but I didn't.  I was just glad that my two behaved themselves the entire two hours!  I think they're understanding that when they're good in public, I'm willing to take them places (or maybe I'm convincing myself).  They save their naughtiness for the car and at home.  That's okay by me.  Above, that's me and Matthew waving to the camera, surrounded by friends.
Here's Nathan and buddy G.  Nathan LOVED this shopping cart and played with it for about an hour.  He was even able to push it through the crowd of kids all by himself!  After this playdate, I realized that our toys are kind of babyish and spent yesterday afternoon taking out the baby stuff and pulling out the big-kid toys.  A kitchen or workbench type toy is on my list - I think I'm going to need it this fall and winter when we have to stay indoors.  They LOVED playing with it at this date!
 Here's your bonus pic: we actually had TWO playdates this week - here we are at E's house, who had put her boys' bouncy chair in the basement.  Guess who found it and surfed?  Matthew and Nathan spent about an hour doing this - you can see how much Matthew loved it!



KJ said...

That is impressive! Also, a side note...someone got our boys these awesome little cars that they could either ride on or push around for their 1 year birthday. You might want to look into that! The boys loved pushing each other around!

The Alexanders said...

I can't believe that you got such a good group shot of SIXTEEN kids! I can barely get my three to sit still for a group shot these days!