Thursday, June 3, 2010

"i cant even believe you take care of these kids everyday by yourself!

1. Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful husband!  Welcome to the club - glad to have you along, finally!  May this year be filled with more wonderful blessings and much love.

2. I confess, I took a few days off of blogging and LIFE.  Hubs and I took our first "vacation" since the boys were born.  I know, you're all like, HUH?, remembering our pics of Hawaii and St. Maartin last winter, but the truth is, we haven't had a vacation- just the two of us, WITHOUT him having to work for at least part of it, for 3 YEARS.  Yeah, I know!  Ludicrous.  So, we left the munchkins with their grandaparents and flew off to an undisclosed location for 3 FABULOUS nights.  What did we do?  Next to nothing!  Seriously, we took maybe a dozen pictures- 10 of the sunsets and two of us eating.  Because we just laid on the beach, ATE, and slept in. 
  • Those of you with twins know that you spend the first year of their life sleeping with one ear open.  I know I don't have much to complain about, since they've been sleeping through the night since they were 4 months old, but...I got to sleep in till 8:30!  Isn't that crazy?!  (Well, sort of crazy, since 8:30 EST is like 7:30 CST, which is only 30 minutes later than every day of my life, but you get what I'm saying.)  Because after that I got to take a shower without having to put the kids down for their morning nap first and eat my breakfast without having to cut it up into a million tiny pieces for the boys to share.  Heavenly!
  • The best part was when my 19 year-old brother-in-law texted me this: "i cant even believe you take care of these kids everyday by yourself! haha"  I haven't laughed so hard in months!  
3. Did I miss the boys?  Hm.  How do I say this kindly?  Well, I thought I would and I did call no more than twice a day to check on them.  They'd never been left behind before.  We talked about them a lot, but it was kind of like they were 4 or 5 and would have really enjoyed a beach trip.  For example:
  • We watched several families with kids playing on the beach, in the water, building sandcastles, collecting shells.  I would think (and say) that the boys would have so much fun doing these things.  Then I would laugh!  They're 12 months old!  They would eat the shells and sand!  Who am I kidding?
  • We'd see families with older kids (lots of them had 2 boys!) eating out.  I'd watch and think, isn't that cute?  Aren't they so well behaved?  Wait!  All those kids were texting, or playing handheld video games or watching a DVD.  Will I really sink to this level in a few years? 
4. When we (finally) got back last night, the boys were just fine, having been well-taken-care of by their grandparents, aunt and uncles.  I suspect they were fed marshmallows for dinner once, but no one's fessing up to it.  I know they missed me, though, because I put them down to bed - like normal, none of that grandma-rocking!- and this is what I hear, mournfully, through the monitor: "MaaaaaaMaaaaaa!  MaaaaaaaMaaaaa!  MAAAAAAMAAAAAA!"  Yep, my little mama's boy is crying out for me, (My little daddy's boy is already sound asleep!)  and I had to go give him some snuggles.

All in all, a wonderful trip, but I'm glad to be back "taking care of these kids everyday by myself!"


One Girl, Two Boobs said...

Good for you for getting away without the kids. I think everyone who has multiples should get a mandatory vacation at the 1-year mark. I didn't think twins would be that hard, I already had two kids, I was SO wrong. I completely understand how lovely it must have been to shower when you wanted and for as long as you wanted and to enjoy your breakfast in adult sized pieces and no sharing required.

Bonnie said...

Ditto. I'm jealous. I've been away without the kids, but never to do NOTHING. That's the part that makes me jealous. I need a vacation where I do NOTHING......