Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beauty Shop Boys

Unexpectedly, I had to give N a bath in middle of our playdate!  (I'll spare him the indignity and I'll spare your mind's eye of the mess.)  Let's just say I would have been woefully unprepared for this surprise had it happened anywhere but home, so thank goodness we were here and my guest was E, a heaven-sent friend who ran upstairs to draw the bath for us.

When N and I returned to the playground of my living room, E cried, "Oh, my gosh!  Look at those curls!  You should put some mousse in there!"

Thank goodness for Auntie L, who purchases a multitude of hair product when she visits and leaves it in my bathroom (because she can't take it in her carry on)!  I dashed upstairs and found some lavender-scented Herbal Essence just for curls.  Heavens only knows how long it's been hiding up there. 

Here are the results of our beauty shop photo shoot:


I love you, Foofa.

My favorite pic of the day!

BFF's forever!

Like Richard Simmons!
You'll notice M kept touching his spikes, like, what's this crazy gunk?  And one more bonus pic: the four fellas climbing up the stairs to go night-night:
So cute!
They're so fast!  And it was so cute to see four little diapered-sweatpanted-behinds racing up the stairs! Even funnier: the guys smelled like Auntie L's hair all night!

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Pam Kelsey said...

Oh, Nathan.............a girl would kill for those curls!! So would grandma!