Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Catch Up 2 (New Year's Eve)

Hubs and I have celebrated New Year's together in several different locations: Hawaii, The Bahamas, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, but never AT HOME.  There's something different about us this year that made us decide to stay "in" for the holiday...oh, say, two adventurous toddlers?

Our now-defunct "Young Marrieds" small group still gathers occasionally, particularly on New Year's Eve, to get together.  This year's gathering was much the same as previous years', except we were there with Lewis and Clark, the hostess was 9 months pregnant, and there were two tiny infants in the mix. 
N stuck close to me at first...

Look, stuff to touch!

I didn't do it.
It was nice to actually see  our old friends, despite my conversation sounding much like:
  • Your baby is getting so big!  I can't believe we haven't seen him (her)
  • Son, don't touch that!
  • We should get together again soon.
  • Hubs, please take all the picture frames and candles off her endtable
  • Excuse me (exit me as I go to close all the bedroom and bathroom doors in the hall)
  • Here, sons, have a snack and juice
  • What were you saying? Oh, yeah, the baby...
  • No, no, pick up your cereal snack, don't leave them all over our hostess' nice rug
  • Excuse me (exit me again as I go to christen our hostess' baby-changing table with a poopy diaper)
  • Is there a bag in here? No?  (Enter me as I carry a poopy diaper through the living room and into the kitchen garbage.)
  • Where's the other one?  Is he poopy too?  No? Good.
  • Where were we again?  Oh, yes, your baby.  She's so sweet.
  • Vroom, vroom!  I drive a car across the rug to pick up cereal pieces. 
  • Hubs, it's 6:00...
  • Okay, time to go! 
  • (Everyone) What? You're leaving!? So soon?  Aren't you having dinner with us?
  • No, enjoy your meal in peace.  Happy New Year, everyone!
The fellas were sound asleep by 7:30, leaving Hubs and I to enjoy our first ever New Year's Eve Lobster Boil!  What fun!  Having these delicious crustaceans to look forward to and spending a quiet evening with my handsome hubby made this New Year's Eve my best ever!  We started off 2011 on the right foot, that's for sure...my feet were in bed at 11:05 because we watched the ball drop live in NY and turned out the lights. 
New Year's Eve just might be my New Favorite Holiday.

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The Alexanders said...

hahaha, we were in bed by about the same time and I also LOVED it!!! My how times have changed :)