Friday, January 28, 2011


N is going to be getting that goobery left eye fixed in the near future.  He's been struggling with a blocked tear duct since the day he was born.  Poor fella has been on so many eye drops/ointments in 20 months I've lost count. 

We had a goober-free summer and fall and thought he'd outgrown it, that the tear duct had opened up as he grew, but since the boys came down with a wicked (!!) cold at Thanksgiving, it's back. 

Yesterday was N's second visit to the ophthalmologist, where we were told that while the procedure is not necessary, as in, he could live without it, but we'll be dealing with it every winter because it's partially blocked.  Meaning, as long as the weather is good and he's healthy, the duct can handle the drainage, but as soon as the air dries up, the eye waters more, and he catches colds, it'll back up, then get irritated, goobery, red, and then infected.  And the church nursery worker will continue to tell you that he's got Pink Eye and give you that look that says how dare you drop off your highly contagious kid in here and infect everyone. Even though he can't.

I'm waiting on the scheduling center to call me and set it up.  Everyone says it's a simple, easy procedure, and that putting him "under" is not a problem, that he'll bounce back in a day and not feel any pain, but still....

(Sigh) I know we will all be better for it on the other side, though.  So here goes.


April said...

Bummer that he has to go in but hopefully this will help a ton and not cause any trouble in the future! I have a feeling it will effect you more than him! :)

Lindsey Aulds said...

Poor kid! He is so gorgeous though!

David and Kelli said...

Ugh, those decisions have to be no fun!