Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Funnies

"I'll have Nutella and blueberry preserves on wheat, please"
  • M's vocabulary is exploding and he'll talk to anyone who will listen...or is in audible range.  He'll repeat anything he hears, but I was floored this morning when he came down the stairs in Hubs' arms and said, "Good Morning, Mama."  WHAT?!
  •  N's vocabulary is also increasing but he'll only talk to me, Hubs, and "bro-bro," which I didn't realize until my friend A, who babysat on Saturday night, said that N refused to say a single word!  He did, however, ask for treats by placing a hand on her knee and giving her the eyes.  Then, he didn't say anything when we had company yesterday until they backed out the drive. "Bye, bye" he called.  I assume this is just a stage, though, and he'll speak up for himself soon enough.
  • M likes to bring me my slippers if he can find them.  I call him my little puppy.
  • N has figured out how to open doors.  I bought doorknob covers this weekend.  As if my house doesn't look cool enough, these are over the top stylish!
  • They are terrifying me by WALKING up and down the stairs, no matter how I try to coax them to "go down on your belly."  As a result, we tentatively removed a gate at the bottom of the stairs because if they're going to do it, at least they can land on the carpet and not crash into the gate!
  • Yesterday M was talking about "Gama," so we Skyped with both of the grandmas before bed.  While we were talking with them, he found the "cama," so I helped M take this pic of Uncle D, "SheeShee," and "Gama." 
  •  M ate scrambled eggs this morning!  I've been told you have to introduce some foods up to 17 times before a kid will eat it, and I'm pretty sure this is accurate. Maybe he needed 19 months to digest the eggs I ate while I was pregnant with gestational diabetes?  Two eggs/day X two months = 180 eggs?  Maybe he was just sick of them until now.
  • N was helping me fold laundry when he took a dishtowel out of the basket then carried it into the kitchen and PUT IT AWAY in the correct drawer without any prompting!  A also told me that when she told the boys to clean up their toys Saturday, they filled up the basket then ran to the bottom of the stairs, ready to go up for night night. I seriously have the best kids ever!
  • I'm kind of proud of myself, too.  Since I took up crocheting two months ago, I've improved to the point that I think I can actually make items as gifts for other people (as in, other than my immediate family who will always be kind no matter what it looks like because they're just that cool).  I tried my hand at baby bear hats (for Hubs' former boss whose baby boy is in the NICU, and for my cousin K who is due on Valentine's Day - check out her blog here.)  Hope I didn't ruin the surprise!  I think they turned out well!  And the afghan behind the bears is my first for my future niece, due in April.  Not too shabby, huh?


The Alexanders said...

such cute little tidbits about your fellas! and I lOVE LOVE LOVE the hats you made!

Pam Kelsey said...

Grandma Perry will be really proud of you! I know I am. I tried it and couldn't do being left handed and all! Good Job:)

Bev Giles said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they are all learning to do things! Love, the hats. I too crotchet hats and am starting to knit. Will you share the pattern?

Kristi said...

The slide picture is PRICELESS!