Monday, January 24, 2011


We were working on "please" tonight. Because this afternoon, they were snatching the Nilla wafers out of my hand and running away! 

When they came back for another, I told them to be polite and say "please."

Much whining ensued.  "Cooo-kie?  Coook-kie? Coook-ie?  Waaaahhhh!"  Then running away. 

This went on for just a minute until M said, "Pweeze?" like it was all his idea. I handed him the cookie, and said, "thank you, Mommy.  You're welcome." just reinforce that that's how the communication works. He smiled and bit the cookie, running away to play. 

N watched the exchange, then....

lunged at me, trying to grab the cookie out of my hand, then pitched himself onto the floor with a big, "WAAAHHHHH!" 

He's a little dramatic and I did not fall for this. 

An hour or so later, when they saw me sneak a Nilla wafer, maybe or maybe not on purpose, we tried it again.

"Say please," I prompted.

"Pweeeeeeze?" M asked.  I handed him the cookie and he scampered away.  Then I prompted N, who'd again seen how it works.

Once more, I was attacked by a frantic toddler, desperate for a Nilla wafer.  No cookie.  He was quite upset with me.

Half an hour later, one of them spotted the Nilla wafer box on the counter and immediately M said, "Cookie? Pweze? Cookie? Pweze?"  Seriously, who can resist THAT?

N must have been pretty desperate because, after a little prompting, he said, "Pee."

That was the sweetest cookie in the box.

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Lindsey Aulds said...

They have changed so much, last I knew they wouldn't eat nilla wafers! haha