Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hello Hermit


a person who has withdrawn to a solitary place for a life of religious seclusion.
any person living in seclusion; recluse.
Zoology . an animal of solitary habits.
Ornithology . any of numerous hummingbirds of the genera Glaucis  and Phaethornis,  having curved bills and dull-colored rather than iridescent plumage.
a spiced molasses cookie often containing raisins or nuts.

I used the word "hermit" last night to describe myself to a friend since I did not leave the house at all for 72 hours this week, possibly a record since the birth of my sons.  I spent yesterday playing Megabloks, wiping noses, making chili and cornbread and baking snickerdoodles for Hubs' co-workers today.  I was thinking, it's not so bad being a hermit if the boys are happy (they are, for the most part, because of the plethora of new Christmas toys).  Then I was thinking, hmm, what is the actual definition of hermit?  So I looked it up - on, of course, because I don't even own a dictionary, a horrendous admission for an English teacher.  So, am I a hermit?

1. No.  While I profess a deep faith in Jesus Christ, I believe He said to GO and preach the Good News, not to live your faith in seclusion.

2. No.  I live in a busy suburb in an 8-unit townhome with a handsome hubs and two crazy toddlers.  Not my definition of seclusion.

3. No.  I eat animals.  My children act like animals and at times I feel like a zoo exhibit, but no.
4. No. I eat birds, too.  I have curves, but that's about it.  No plumage, iridescent or otherwise.
5. Yes.  I think this is the hermit I meant.  A spicy, nutty cookie.  That would be correct.  I am a hermit.

Now, to find myself a good hermit recipe...

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April said...

LOL! Oh my goodness I learned so much from this post! :) You aren't a hermit anymore though even if you were one because you spent several hrs at Mcdonalds. Wonder if there is a definition for a person who hangs out at Mcdonalds for fun?