Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Begin Operation Bedroom!

I just put the boys down for their last nap in their "cribs."  Before I was a mother, I thought there would be much sadness and mourning at the passing of these baby milestones, but if you're a longtime reader, or a mom like me, you know there's not.  When I weaned the boys, I was happier than I'd been in many many months - I got my boobs back!  The kids are eating again!  And now that we're about to put them in really big boy beds, I think I'll be much happier when this milestone is passed, too.  Hopefully we'll all be sleeping comfortably again.

Last night we took the boys to the mattress store down the road and in what must be a record-time purchase - seriously, it took me longer to schlep them to Kmart today to buy the sheets - we dropped 200 bucks on two new Sealy bunk bed mattresses.  Taking all your wisdom into account (thank you for your sage advice), as well as the time and effort it would take to maybe save money hunting around for deals, we decided to go the quick, easy, and definently bedbug-free route and purchase new with our trusty credit card.  They will be delivered - FREE - this evening.

Today's schedule goes like this: get the kids to nap, wash the new airplane sheets, disassemble the cribs, clean their room (hello, dust bunnies!), reassemble the beds, make the beds, bathe the boys, and tuck them in.  And feed my family some kind of food and maybe just maybe clean up the kitchen.  But I doubt that will happen - the clean kitchen part.  Stay tuned for our progress tomorrow.


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Best of luck. Another "season" of parenting. And, I totally get what you mean by saying goodbye to certain things ... NOT THAT SAD. I wish you wonderful luck in your transition tonight ... and even if it's not perfect the first night -- it will get better!

amy81472 said...

Good luck! I absolutely understand what you are saying about the transition and the milestone passing, but I do get sad. I don't know how I have 2 4 year olds who each have their own room with their big kid beds. I do say, however, that the transition was perfect for us, They rocked their big kid beds and their own room in one night and have never had a problem :) Good luck!