Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update and Thank You

Whew, we made it through last night and today!  N's x-rays were unclear, like I mentioned, so the pediatrician and radiologist can't determine whether his wheezing was due to asthma or pneumonia, so he's being treated for both.  We were discharged this morning with 4 prescriptions - antibiotics, steriods, nebulizer and albuterol.  What a load!  We're going to take it easy at home the rest of the week now.

There is lots of good news to be heard, though.  N responded well to the nebulizer, and by that I mean his breathing, NOT his behavior.  I endured the strongest toddler tantrum from him on record yet trying to give him a nebulizer treatment at urgent care last night and have the bruised shins to prove it.  Fortunately, the ER nurses were compassionate and helpful, so he actually got the meds in the second and subsequent times by NOT using a mask. 

He was a real trooper and enjoyed having a "super-arm" once the IV was put in and wrapped up - putting it in is another story altogether.  He especially enjoyed all the treats and attention he was getting.  At one point, our night nurse told us everyone was talking about him and his curls at the nurse's station.  I guess it's pretty exciting to get a two year old on steriods in the middle of the night on the old people's surgical wing! Whenever she would leave, N would ask, "Where Nursie go?"

Yeah, steriods.  I thought my kid was busy, but now I know he's just regular-kid busy, not a hyperspaz in real life.  The drugs not only kept him up all but 4 hours last night (he usually sleeps 11), they made him a spazzoid!  YOU try keeping 31 pounds of boundless energy in a hospital bed all night.  Eventually I just let  him climb up to the top of the incline and "slide" down the bed.  It was easier that way, until our morning nurse arrived.  (You know, the not-young-and-sweet-ones with all the seniority to have the day shifts.  Yeah.)  I was really glad he was feeling better and we were outta there by 9am.

I got about an hour of sleep during his 4 last night, so it was a rough day, but I have so many people to thank for their kindness during our emergency situation last night.  Our pastors' wives helped me out by encouraging me to take him to urgent care when I wasn't sure what to do, then stepped in to care for M most of the evening, when I thought it would just be an hour.  Then our next door neighbor relieved her and told me how much she enjoyed listening to M sing and tell stories to his bear while she waited for him to fall asleep and Hubby to arrive at midnight, who cut his business trip short and headed home asap when he heard the news.  Then all our family and friends who called and texted with love and support and offers for a nebulizer loaner when I thought insurance wasn't going to cover an expensive piece of medical equipment - thank you.  (By the way, a phone call cleared the confusion and it's covered :)

It was a crazy first trip to the ER with my kid, and while I thought that I would be a nervous wreck when (not if) the time came, I felt the peace of God and the presence of all of you supporting and praying for us from afar.  Thank you. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nathan,

Uncle J, Aunt P, Cousin L and Baby L have been praying for you a lot! You have a small "gift" heading your way from us.....I think it will work for you but if it does not just tell mommy to hold on to it and not get rid of it till I talk to her. We love you bunches and we pray you all rest well tonight!

The Thompson's