Monday, October 17, 2011

Bigger Big Boy Beds? Advice!

I'm beginning to think we need to move up to twin size big boy beds.  People warned me that toddler beds may not work, but since they didn't cost us anything (the cribs converted) I figured we may as well try.  Maybe they'll love them, I thought.  I think it bought us 3 months' time.  Here's why:
M and N in each others' beds.  Note the BIG rail and the drawer?
  • N is stronger than his brother, so he has the heavy-duty crib rail.  It clamps down and reduces the crib bedwith by about 4 in.  He can rock it back and forth so violently that he can flip the mattress and bed rail upside down on top of himself.  CRASH!
  • After that, he climbs into M's bed, which would, theoretically, be a little bigger if there were only 1 child in it.
  • After that, if we didn't respond immediately to the first CRASH (you kind of get used to it), chaos ensues.  Last night they were playing inside the drawer underneath M's bed, which used to hold items, but now remains empty to keep the items from being flung about.  However, with the empty bed-sized drawer, they were enclosing each other inside of it.  It cannot hold the weight of two toddlers.  CRASH! Again.
  • We've been separating them for naptime and at bedtime when they are very naughty, like last night.  M seems to LOVE the full-sized bed we use for this.  I think he knows the mattress is a better quality than the crib mattress.
  • With all this monkey business happening, the beautiful wooden blinds in their bedroom are now broken.  Guess they're coming down.
  • And we are going to need M's crib for the new baby in May.  Surprise!
Bedtimes aren't going well, obviously.  I'm not sure that new beds will solve this problem, but it certainly can't hurt. We purchased a nice-looking wooden bunk bed set (stackable and unstackable, btw) off of Craigslist this weekend - it was a good price and close by.  I didn't plan on setting them up till Christmas (look what Santa brought you!) when we actually got around to purchasing mattresses.  (Some gift, right?)  We'll leave it to Grandparents to buy the fun stuff I guess.  So now it's looking like bigger big boy beds are in our very near future.

But how does one go about purchasing mattresses for two yet to be potty trained two year old boys, affordably?

Do we need boxsprings or just the mattresses?

Do we go used off of Craigslist?

Do we go inexpensive, but new, at IKEA?

Do we just get brand spanking new stuff from the mattress store down the road, despite not really wanting to buy it with our credit card?

What did YOU do?

P.S. If you are one of my darling friends of two year old twins who are still sleeping in their cribs, don't reply.  Just count your blessing.  Then bookmark this page, because your day is coming!


Aunt Patti said...

My advice and comments:

Buy new. Nothing expensive. Go to walmart where you can buy a mattres cover - literally a plastic mattress cover for $4. I didn't mess with a nice material padded one till we were way past accidents. The nice thing is if you fit a tight enough sheet around it doesnt make a plastic noise. AND, from experience, pee, apple juice, and snot can be lysoled right off of it and a new sheet put on immediately.

We went to several mattress stores and baught floor models (since we were putting on a cover anyway) and I got them for $75 each I think. Call stores near your area and you will need to ask for floor or discontinued mattresses.

Also, you have to have some support under it. You have three options: a box spring (you can get $30-$50 each if you search at stores). I don't think a spring is weird used at all. Second option: You can buy like a 1 by 2 at loews or home depot ($2 each and cut into planks) and line the bottom frame across for support instead of getting mattresses (from expereince works nicely - we do about 10-12 planks across so like 5-6 pieces of wood). Third option: something they call a bungie board or something like that which is smaller than a box spring but gives the same support - i found them to be about $30 altough we didn't go that route.

I know that is a lot of info, Kim, but I will have to say the big boy beds are probably a great idea to switch and do! You will still have escapes but Lily slept SO MUCH BETTER with that room! Bump them up against a corner int he room and put the guard rail up and ta-da!

Can't wait to hear or read what happens next!

Meika said...

I would get the mattresses new because of my bedbug paranoia, but have no advice on the purchasing - Mike bought a couple twin beds for his niece and nephew to use while visiting years ago, so we had those waiting for us when the girls switched! The not-potty-trained thing isn't a big deal, though - we switched both girls to big beds fairly young, and neither of them were pottying reliably at the time. Have two full sets of sheets, including the waterproof mattress cover, and an extra blanket under the bed to expedite any middle-of-the-night changes. I like the Target waterproof cover better than the Walmart one (I think it stays on better), but that's just a personal thing.

And our girls share a room, but we did go through a streak where we were separating them pretty regularly, and ALWAYS at naptime. It was probably when Maryam was about the age your boys are now, because she wouldn't stop pestering her sister. :) We put one girl to bed in the guest room or our room, then switched her after she was asleep if we needed to.

Good luck! They'll do fine in the big kid beds - really, it's not like it can be any worse, right?? :)

Meika said...

Oh, and congratulations on your third!! I'm very excited for you!

KJ said...

We also had to transition the boys to their "big boy" bed before we were really ready to because like yours, they are little monkeys! And they had their baby sister on the way. We ended up also buying bunk beds that you could unstack, but have left them bunked and the boys just share the bottom bunk (we use the top for storage). We bought a cheap mattress, and left the plastic on it. It honestly doesn't phase them one bit. Hope that helps! Congrats on #3!

Kristi said...

Meika's second comment... say whaaaaa? Did I miss something!??!?! :)