Thursday, October 27, 2011

Veggie Victory!

I'm not sure what to file this under: milestones, lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, Festivus Miracle, or it's about time.

Yesterday, M came right up to me at 10 am and said, "I want a bejabow snack."

Say what?


Bowl of porridge? 

"No. BEJ-A-BOW!"



(Stunned pause) Okay!  Let's go!  Upstairs!  Vegetable snack, here we come!

It was grocery day, so I had exactly 2 bags of frozen broccoli and edemame, and 4 whole carrots other than the standard canned-green-beans for vegetables (the only one I can count on them to always eat).  I've never peeled and sliced a carrot so fast in my life!  The boys climbed up into their booster chairs with great anticipation of this vegetable snack, and with a flourish, both boys received a plate with 3 carrot sticks and what would become an unbelievable amount of ranch dressing. I suspected this might wind up being a snack of ranch dressing, where the carrots are used like a fun dip stick, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Look, Mom, I really am chewing it up!

N actually said, "I like carrots!"

Then, they asked for more.  HUH?!  Okay, carrot number two got peeled and sliced and it went down the hatch, too.  My battery was dead or I would have snapped a shot of them covered in ranch dressing, but I was happy to have even one photo of the miracle that happened in our house yesterday.  I didn't care what they ate the rest of the day because they each ate nearly a WHOLE carrot!

I swear on the Holy Bible this is true.  If I were making up miracles, it would have been that they woke up potty trained.

Big Boy Beds, all made up with spaceship sheets, airplane comforters, teddy and lovie.
P.S. In old news, we are all sleeping better this week.  The boys are settling down more quickly in their big boy beds and not banging their heads - much - N put a small dent in the wall jumping yesterday and has a bit of a goose egg to show for it.  They both have blue hue as well since the new TWIN size navy blue spaceship sheets' dye is bleeding, despite a washing.  I'll wash again in a day or two.  In the meantime, we are calling them smurfs.  And I'm sleeping mostly through the night since Baby has lifted off my bladder and out toward my front.  Thank the Lord for maternity pants - and veggie miracles.

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