Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

The boys and I had the privilege of dropping Grandpa off at his truck on his birthday today.  He's the last to leave, so we partied Saturday night well (almost) everyone was still here - Uncle A had to leave early for work.  I learned a wonderful lesson: for just a 99 cent pack of party blowers, you can turn any meal into a party!  The boys were excited all day about the party we were having for Grandpa and asked about it approximately every 10 minutes.  Finally, after all the steaks and potatoes were eaten, we passed out the party hats and blowers and lit the candles on his pineapple upside down birthday cake.  Great fun was had by all as you can see! (FYI, Aunt L, I did not include the pic you took of my backside while I was cleaning up spilled milk thankyouverymuch)  Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
Dinner Time~

Only 50 more candles to go

M starts the party

Aunt L and C

N "bwows" his horn

All the boys like the horns, except C

Geez Dad those are loud!

Grandpa finally gets his cake

We need more cowbell

M and Uncle D have a horn contest

Bedtime stories

Today, M and N plopped down next to C and asked to get their picture taken!

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