Saturday, August 25, 2012

Picture Day!

Disclaimer: I think the pics are too big for the blog, so if you can't see N's face, sorry, I don't have time to figure out how to fix it. He's smiling very cutely!

Thursday was family photos day for us!  My twin mom friend Liz of Liz Seibenaler Photography,
met us to take pictures of the 11 members of Hubs' family, a shot of the 5 five of us (Christmas cards, here we come!) and engagement pictures of Aunt L and (soon to be) Uncle K.  The weather was a little breezy and overcast, but Liz said that was okay, so we went ahead...they turned out great!  Here are some of the "sneak peeks" she's released to us already.  She made us all look so good!  
And my how times have changed...ten years ago we thought we were so ahead of the times by taking engagement pictures Wal Mart.  Just for kicks, I dug this out of the cedar chest and dusted it off (literally).  Wow, my hair looked pretty awesome that day.  Maybe it's because I wasn't wrangling three little ones and trompsing through a field on a breezy, humid summer day?  Or maybe my hair was just way more awesome 11 years ago when it was taken.  At least I have three fantastic looking kids to show for it!  Speaking of kids, check out M's smile up there.  He tried SO HARD to smile for the pictures, and was ready for every shot, rightly earning his dum dum sucker, and every smile looked like that.  I remember my nephew S driving my sister crazy with this "smiley" face! C seems to be thinking, "Are you sure this is my family?"  Ususally he's such a smiler, but this was toward the end of a long (for him) morning and I think he'd had enough.  However, this is the very best shot that's ever been taken of the 5 of us, so I'm pretty darn happy! 

Here are a couple more of the fantastic shots she took that day...can't wait to see the rest!
Uncle K and Aunt L's engagement session...we left them alone for these.
 Okay, the pics' order is all wonky, but you get the idea...

I think this one is pretty neat!
The whole gang!  N looks especially happy does he not?
 Then it warmed up and we went to the city pool in the afternoon, but I'll post that separately.  Aunt L got a hold of the camera so there are about a jillion of them.  Thank goodness she grabs it from time to time!

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