Monday, August 13, 2012

Officially Dairy Free

We are going dairy free here in an attempt to heal N and possibly Hubs from their mysterious gastro intestinal distresses. N's appointment with Dr. A went well. He is leaving it up to us to decide to test him or not. We are leaning toward yes for both him and Hubs to be tested by an allergist. Poor Hubs has been dealing w allergies his whole life and GI issues his adult life, and we are beginning to wonder if it's milk allergy. If allergy testing and diet change can help their insides, I'm all for it. I am not looking forward to being one THOSE moms - the one who brings rice cakes for the class snack - but I am already on my way. Coming home from the appointment N and I went shopping for some new snacks (because cheddar goldfish are out now too). Here's my cute little shopper.

M and I will be having some ice cream dates of our own soon. I can't be completely dairy free myself!!


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

So happy you may have found an answer. It's not easy, but could change their lives!! Keep us posted!

KJ said...

That's miserable. :( Our newest addition seemed to have a milk protein sensitivity....and since my father in-law has one, I went dairy free for about 6 helped! It is hard to find things that are dairy free...BUT certain kinds of oreos are! Also, FYI the protein in soy milk is the same as dairy milk. :(I did almond milk as an alternative. Hope that helps.