Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yes Michigan

We've been home for a week and half but who cares?  We managed to take 81 photos on our 9 day trip to Michigan, all of which taken on two different days, half of which are blurry, and a quarter of which have photos of certain people in swimsuits that I cannot post under fear of bodily harm!  But I think there are enough that you can kind of get the picture.

My parents rented a vacation home on Boyne Mountain, Michigan's premiere ski resort, for my two sisters and our families to spend time together with my parents.  That resulted in 15 people vacationing together!  It was crazy, mad fun! And Hubs is dying to go back in the winter when we can actually ski.  It is ski-in, ski-out house, which had a ski LOCKER ROOM about 10 yards from the fire pit, which, as you can see below, is about 10 yards from what is a ski run during winter.  But in the summer it is the road the golfers drive their carts up to the course, which I learned while nursing C.  Gosh, that's a lot of golf carts driving by...where is my nursing cover?!

We hung out at the bonfire most nights.  Those are my nephew S, my two nieces and my sister P and her hubby J.

Hubs and his 3 boys

N and I making s'mores

Storytime at Boyne Lodge...niece L hopped right up!

M followed suit, wanting to be a big kid (N opted out!)

Hubs and N on his first ski lift ride

Me and M getting off the lift

View from the top of the hill

Deer Lake Beach was beautiful!

M liked the beach and made friends with the little girls (too soon!  too soon!)

Papa K and C keep cool in the shade at the beach

We had so much fun playing at the Lodge's pool.  Here N and I are in a water gun fight with the cousins.

He's a tender soldier

M LOVED this!

C's first dip in a pool!
More fun was had on the golf course and paddleboating on the lake but we don't have photos of that.  Actually, we do, but I shouldn't post the paddleboat ones and the golf course ones look like a golf course.  My sister ran the zip line, and on a rainy day, we took all the kids to a movie.  The boys did surprisingly well for never having been to one.  We saw Ice Age 3, which I thought was somewhat frightening for the 3 year olds, but they didn't mind.  Probably the folks behind us did because we went to the bathroom...oh, about a dozen times between the 5 parents and 6 kids in attendance.  After 4 days at the "cabin," we drove back down to the Tri Cities to spend more time with Hubs' family (and where I was too beat to take photos, sorry), and one more night at the Loons game I wrote about. 

Now that we've been home for a week and half and are getting back to "normal," it's time to start preparing for what is becoming Hubs' family's annual stay-cation with us!  That fun will be very well documented since Auntie L will be here:)

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