Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Staycation 2012

What a busy, fun Staycation we are having!  Yesterday we went to Stillwater, MN and took the public luncheon cruise down the St. Croix River.  Fun, fun!  We did this last year and it was such a hit everyone wanted to do it again!  I found that the twins were much easier to manage on a boat like this at age three than age two. Since I've managed to take a grand total of 16 photos in 3 days on the Nikon, I'll have to wait till Aunt L can upload the 1,000, 000 that she has taken on her camera! Here's a photo lifted from St. Croix Boat and Packet website.  I recommend this trip for families (even though on a Tuesday afternoon it was mostly senior citizens, but they did seemed mostly enamored with the little ones). It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, perfect for a paddle boat excursion.

I managed to snap a couple shots on strolling through downtown Stillwater.  Since most of the adorable shops are full of antiques, art, and collectibles, the only place my motley crew actually entered was the sweet shop.  

Hubs plays softball with the guys from church so we took our parade to the ballpark and Uncle Andrew got to sub!  We left before the games ended, but I hear that he hit an in-park home run helping the team win.  Good job Daddy and Uncle A!  M has only been to one other softball game of Daddy's and that was long ago.  When we got to the park and he saw Hubs on the field, he started crying!  "What's wrong?" we asked.  "Daddy's playing baseball and I want to play, too!"  There was no reasoning with him because you can imagine what happened when we told him he was too little - more wailing!  Some Twizzlers helped, but the visit was still rather short, but the important thing is that we actually made an appearance!
Handsome Hubs

Uncle A scores

M watches Daddy bat

N watches the game...I love this shot!
Uncle K, M, Grandma A and C, N Grandpa A at the MN Zoo

Grandpa bought lunch, a special treat to eat in the Zoo food court.

I know it's blurry, but you can see how much fun M was having RUNNING and buzzing like a bee!

 N rides a wolf on the MN Trail. 
Today Hubs and his 3 siblings went to Valley Fair, a roller coaster amusement park.  They must be having fun because they are still not home yet!  So no pictures to show you now.  I took my in-laws, the kids, and my future brother in law to the MN Zoo today.  Whew!  The boys ran us ragged through the park!  I thought they'd be tired after no naps on Monday or Tuesday (besides catnapping in the van coming home) but they were zipping along everywhere.  The good news is that no one got lost this time!

Tomorrow's activities include family pictures, engagement pictures, grilling some meat, an airport run and possibly a backyard bonfire.  Stay tuned!

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Sounds like you are living it up! I remember you doing this last summer, too. What a great tradition! There is so much fun to be had right at home! Enjoy!