Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sale Happiness

I'm close to giddy this morning. Hubs took the big boys on an "adventure", driving up to MSP to pick up his corrupted laptop from IT, leaving me and C home. I took a shower (!) and dove into my next big project: prepping for MVMOM fall sale. It's Sept. 29 at the Eagan Community Center: mark your calendars now! I know some people get all schmoopy about getting rid of baby stuff, but I'm positively thrilled to see it all on hangars, getting ready to go. These little milestones don't seem to bother me - I like progress and moving forward. Perhaps it will all catch up to me when my little butterball turkey (17 lbs 5 oz!) boards the school bus. In the meantime, hooray for the Sale!
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Angela said...

Fellow MVMOM mom here! I'm already excited for the sale! Can't wait.