Friday, February 1, 2013

Crazy Move Day 2

•serious delay in MN with moving trucks not working. Third was delivered and guys packed all night
•hit the road only to have the heat go out. As of this writing they are getting the truck serviced in WI. Please pray it's fixed very quickly.
•got the keys and food so there are groceries, our Christmas gifts, a washing machine and a table from my mom's house there now.
•visited preschool and met new teacher, definitely the highlight of our day! The boys found they each have a locker waiting for them with their name on it! We went after the 4 year old class had dismissed so they made themselves at home exploring the classroom. There is even a little bathroom built right in the room for them (huge sigh of relief)! I was happy to see it had all the same activity centers as their ECFE class room did: circle rug, painting easel, sensory table, kitchen...they knew just what to do. I am very certain Tuesday morning will go smoothly. P.S. the class is in my old 8th grade classroom! I don't remember my locker number, but theirs could have been mine;)
•took the boys to see the new house with the groceries. They were ecstatic tearing through it, chasing each other, and flicking every switch, pulling every blind cord, testing every doorknob, and christening the toilet repeatedly. They are in love with it and were spazzy over it all afternoon!

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