Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun June Pics

 June is a month of celebrations for us and I've finally uploaded the photos from the month!  Hubs and I had a two night getaway to Traverse City, MI, where we toured a few wineries and just relaxed.  I wish the shot above were more clear because it's my favorite.  And we only took about 8 pics because I was in charge of photos! 
 Awwe, S + K...isn't that sweet?  At the tip of Lelenau Peninsula, we found someone's heart and changed the first letter to S because K was already there.  Why re-invent the wheel? I also gawked at what would be the first of two bridal party photo sessions for the night.  Bride gawking, so fun!
 Handsome Hubs and his two little brothers at his B'day party June 3.
 Handsome Hubs and his two four year olds after they blew out his candles.
 Two funny photos of me and C. Above, just relaxing at Dad's B'day party.  Below, headed to the bath after a delicious spaghetti dinner.

 June 15, our 11th anniversary, Sweet Aunt L and Grandma A babysat the boys so we could have a romantic dinner (at Shari at the Willard Hilton and it was delicious!) and enjoy an evening out.  This man I fall more in love with every day.  I couldn't have it any better.
 Aunt L and M getting ready for a fun time while Mom and Dad are gone!
Cousin A blow's out the candles for his mom
 June 20 was Grandma A's B'day and Aunt J's is this week, so we threw ANOTHER backyard birthday party! 
"Grandma, we have a surprise!  Your cake is chocolate!"
We are finished with the spring birthdays...I've made 7 cakes since April 29 and I'm pooped!  We are in full on summer mode now and loving every minute of it!  I'm glad it finally arrived! 

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