Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today's Headlines

About six o'clock, for some reason, it occurred to me that I haven't watched the evening news here in weeks, probably months. Occasionally I'll catch the 11:00pm news, but rarely because I'm already almost sleeping. One thing I liked about Central Standard time: nightly news is 10:00pm! 

I wondered what the top stories are, what the weather forecast is, what national and global news is today. I do read news and weather online, so I'm aware of some current events...but I wonder if our local news is covering the same stuff I read? 

I wondered what they would report if a news channel followed us for a day? Riveting headlines follow: 

Twins Sleep Until 7:15, Eat Cereal For Breakfast

Mom Misremembers Library Story Time Summer Start Date; Will Try Again Next Week

Call to Friend Confirms Mom's Suspicion: MN Healthcare Was Superior

Family Runs Trivial Errand To Fill Time, Eats McD Lunch with Aunt L

Afternoon Baths For Kids, Baby Takes Late Nap

Kids' Intense Desire For Library Books Fuels Bike Ride

Ham and Cheese Sandwiches for Dinner; Dishes Still in Sink

Kids Earn a Million Reading Points Today, Mom Skips Bible Reading Against Protest

Mom Writes Ridiculous Blog; Refuses to Answer Questions About Ice Water Drinks 

National News: Most Handsome Man on Earth Arrives at Seattle Airport

Global News: Something Bad is Going On In Turkey and I'm Worried For a Friend Who Plans to Move There.

Weather: Overcast, Humid, Cottonwood Flurries all day

Tomorrow's Forecast: Second Verse, Same As The First, A Little Bit Louder and A Little Bit Worse! 

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