Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marbles? Marbles?

Where are you?  I think I'm losing them.

We've been here 4 months and I'm rearranging the furniture.  Last night it sounded like a grand idea.  I hope that when it's done I will think that again.  Right now I think I lost my marbles and my sweet husband just nodded and smiled in agreement when I told him I think we need to switch the boys' bedrooms around.

So instead of doing actual cleaning, I'm making a huge mess and moving the toys out of the toy room into the living room so we can move the boys' twin beds downstairs into the toyroom therefore making it their bedroom then moving some of the toys upstairs to be a fall/winter/spring toy room and keeping some stuff downstairs for summer indoor play.  Got that?

Because their bedroom is hotter than blazes.

We discovered this because we've had 3 hot enough to say hot, but not quite hot enough to turn on the air.  But their room just baked and baked all day and when we put them to bed it was probably close to 90 degrees in their tiny bedroom where it's so small one of their beds is partially blocking the air vent but there's no way to move the beds any other way, other than to bunk them but wouldn't that be a bad idea because hot air rises and it was probably 100 up by the ceiling.  We had to run the air at 68 to get their room to a bearable temperature hours later and hubs and I froze downstairs all night.

There's no way I'm running the air like that all summer.  Nope, I freeze my tail off most of the year and I'm not doing it all summer.  (Don't worry, though.  I do love my AC and will run it.  Just not at frostbite level.)

Therefore, operation losing my marbles as I clear all the toys out of the playroom.  Egads, why do we have so many toys?! Then move the beds downstairs.  Then possibly bunk them.  The figure out what to do with all these toys.

And pray that Caleb's larger room with better circulation will stay cool enough to keep him up there.  And that I find my marbles somewhere in all this mess.

8:10pm update
The boys are drifting off in their "new" room. N has. M, as always, will not stop talking. He knows he's supposed to stop, so at this point he says thing like, "I love you, Mommy," and other sweetness because he knows Ill be nice. 

The beds are not bunked. We just didn't have time for that, but the boys are okay with it...for now. Although we were careful not to promise bunks, they have somehow come to expect it. They've even got it all figured out; N will have the bottom and M will have the top bunk. Good thing, too, because N is the one still falling out of bed every couple of weeks. 

They were geeked all day but we had to quit at a certain point because I needed Hubs' help and just couldn't keep on with three littles underfoot. So the twins and I took off to the park while C napped and Hubs worked. Sometimes the best way to get something done is quit. At least when it comes to accomplishing housework here.

I've come to understand that If I ever feel my house is clean enough, then it means I have worked myself out of a job and will have to go find one that pays better. I find some solace in that thought, but the mess still drives me batty. 

That's why I'm typing in the dark on N's bed, listening to him snore, listening to M breathe because he finally stopped talking, listening to the fan, the tick rock of that old blue clock that I put in the playroom because I can't stand it's tick tocking but tonight it doesn't bother me. It seems to be counting out the peaceful seconds, reassuring me that I can just sit here in the quiet and enjoy the boys' peacefulness because I can.

And the mess will wait, like it always does. Job security I suppose. 

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Pam Kelsey said...

Marbles? ........... I still haven't found them. Good luck!! Lol