Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Schmarden

It only took an hour and a half to water flowers at our house and my mom's. 

Four years later, everything still takes three times longer than I think it should with twins. I used to think it was because they were infants, then babies, then that they are preschoolers, I've decided it must be a twin thing. 

Because if you read any mommy blog, you read all the merits of planting a garden with your kids! It's totally awesome! And fun! And rewarding! And relaxing! And life-giving and all that cultivating-relationship baloney. 

Bet those moms don't have twins. I can barely get flowers watered with my kids helping. 

•the baby wants a snack
•N wants a snack
•M wants N's snack despite his refusal to eat breakfast and therefore not get a snack for this morning. 
• N wants to water, M wants to water, fight over hose while I try to unravel it. 
•N turns on water while M sprays flowers and I'm catching the runaway baby. 
• N tries to wrestle hose out of M's hand who screams bloody murder while I try to take control of the water without getting drenched. 

And that's just Mom's front yard...still have the back yard and all of ours to go. 

I cannot imagine what a disaster a garden would be. I should be weeding my little flower bed, but after the last hour of breaking up bicycle fights and encouraging chalk road drawing cooperation, I'm beat and using the 10 peaceful minutes I hope for while they play in their new sandbox together to write to you. 

And tell you I have no hope for a garden, ever. 

My best hope is to keep the flowers watered this summer and not kill them before the end of July. 

Garden Schmarden. 


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

A garden??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No, not ever. Not in this world! I hear ya sister...... and my baby is a constant runaway.... to the STREET. Totally solidifies that when we had TWO 15 month olds we were clinically INSANE with good reason! When does fall preschool start?? ;)

Meika said...

I think it's a multiple-preschoolers thing. No twins here, but we've certainly lived that! Give it another two years. Then they'll be building ramps out of your recycling to drive their bikes off, but at least they'll let you water in peace!