Monday, June 24, 2013


Our first swimming lesson this morning was a splashing success! I'll post pics when I can upload, but for now, you will just have to believe me.

The boys were asking endless questions and completely unfocused at first, but their instructor had lots of experience, having fraternal twins herself! 

With only 3 students in the class, it was just like the boys had their own private lesson...because the little girl was as quiet as a mouse! 

N was a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly and had big smiles by the time the 30 minutes of instruction were over.  Then the best part, playing in the "park!" There are some fountains and water toys in the zero depth entry area that they get to play with for 15 minutes after the lesson. They loved it so much that N cried when the lifeguard watching them turned the fountains off when it was time to get out! It took some effort to convince him there will be another lesson on Weds, and again on Friday. 

Thank you Grandma for the birthday gift of our first swimming lesson. I will be purchasing Starfish class for July when we return in two days! Thank you, Delta College, for having an awesome facility just minutes away, with an experienced instructor and teeny tiny classes. You have both saved my sanity this summer!
Waiting for class to start

N loved the "park!"

C in baby jail this afternoon, airing out his diaper rash!

M loves driving his trucks through the car wash!

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