Friday, June 14, 2013


St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church...WHY have I never been? 

This is their 35th annual festival of Greekness, and Hubs suggested we go. I thought it was a good idea (and he was surprised...geez, am I really such a party pooper? Okay, I totally was last night, but besides that? Anyhow, so we went with Grandma A and Aunt L...)

And I'm 35 so technically I could (and should) have been eating all that awesome Greek food every summer of my entire life! 

We filled our faces with all kinds of yummies that I can't spell and danced with the band that made N cry because it was too loud, and went to the porta John a half dozen times and temporarily lost N in one because he found them so irresistible- I think it was the twins' favorite part of the fest until we found the pastry tent. Yeah, like there was a food tent, a beer tent, and entire tent JUST for pastries!!! I'm savoring a bite of balklava right now, just a bite because I have to make this piece last a whole year...or at least a while longer tonight. C ate rice pudding for dinner which was his favorite by far! 

My favorite? Enjoying a picture perfect Summer evening with my family eating really delicious food. Seriously, it was a rough week but it ended well today. 

Because before that I met a friend at a park for a play date and hung out with my fab sis and nephews this afternoon and the kids had a blast all day. So the over scheduling worked;)

And Hubs is home to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow.

All's well that ends well...M was smiling on the way out! 

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