Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Terrific Tuesday

1. Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary...we celebrated with a romantic dinner date and conversation about things unrelated to kids or work schedules. It was lovely. Here is to many more fantastic anniversaries, love!

2. Sunday was Father's Day, which we celebrated by hanging out with Hubs' family. Hubs also won a 4 way tie at church for having the most kids under age six! (Had Pastor lowered the age a bit I'm sure we would have won first place!) Congratulations...I think. Parenting with you is a joy and an adventure for sure!

3. The street sweeper just came by!!! This is the kind of stuff we anticipate all day...he's been going up and down the other streets in our neighborhood and the kids have been asking incessantly when it's coming to our house.( I'm glad it's finally over.)

4. We also consume large amounts if chalk and pink lemonade so I'm glad I bought them in bulk.  Sometimes we practice letters, or trace bodies to make the drive look like a crime scene, but now we draw race tracks. One big one for the kids' bikes, and two small ones for their toy cars. They think the center of the 8 is FOR crashing, not for near misses. Maybe I'll take them to the track this summer....yeah, right. Who am I kidding?
5. Vacation Bible School is like a little slice of heaven! The boys love it and I do, too. For the first time in almost a month since school let out I tackled a project outside of standard kitchen/bathroom/laundry maintenance. I organized the pantry! It doesn't take much to make me happy. Just a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and a pantry to clean. The boys are going to be covered in temporary tattoos by the end of VBS if the applications continue at their present rate, but I do NOT care. They are learning verses, eating snacks, and amassing an arsenal of OrientalTrading  Company trinkets. It's wonderful. 

5. I think C is cutting teeth again. He's been pretty ornery. He's also about to walk, so he's clumsy, too. I think 13 months is when called the boys destructo-babies. C is on the same track! 

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Kristi said...

I gotta know - where did you end up for dinner? :)