Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keeping It Real

Sometimes, when your kid makes you feel like the worst parent in the world and you're receiving text messages from your husband on the West Coast about the crazy ped you already despise who apparently charged us $900 for C's one year well child appointment - yeah, just his, and the baby is crying because you put him to bed too early because you were dealing with two fighting four year olds, one who injured the other- as in a real injury, and of course now it's raining since you spent all morning watering the flowers, and the one who had to go bed early because he hurt his brother howled for an hour, yes HOWELED for and HOUR-and your dishes are piled high because you we're actually NICE to your kids before all that went down and made them pancakes like they asked for dinner....

Sometimes, you just need to sit down with a beverage,

Read Facebook like an idiot,

Play that stupid bejeweled game that is like crack somehow,

Write a ridiculous blog that will be embarrassing tomorrow,

And remember that 

This too shall pass. 

I read the news online tonight while I was sitting on their beds waiting for sleep, blessed sleep, to overcome and bring the evening's peace...

And while the world seems to be going crazy this week (I say that more and more)

And my day was a wee bit hairy there at the end (though there was a nice sunny hour between 3-4 when the baby napped, the kids played well and I did some meal planning and grocery list making) 

Life is still good. Very, very good, and I would never in a million years change it. (Maybe the twins fighting non-stop, I would change that...) 

My kids are healthy 
My husband is wonderful
We celebrate 11 years on Saturday (with a date, too!)
Grandma comes home on Sunday (praise God!)
Vacation Bible School starts Monday

Next week will be better folks. We regressed a bit into craziness during our third week sans preschool. Those six glorious hours a week are gold for me. 

Pure gold.

Fortunately I have overscheduled us tomorrow so we should be too busy to argue.  Which reminds me, I need to pack a bag and their clothes are in the dryer....of course.

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