Friday, June 7, 2013


1. The twins seem to like having a new playroom filled with old toys, as evidenced by some time spent in there.
2. They also seem to enjoy having the rest of the toys strewn about the house, as evidenced by their current attempt to use every wooden train track to encircle the downstairs. 
3. Whatever. They are quiet enough to let C sleep and working together well enough to let me lay on the couch and type this in order to recover from two insomniac nights. Ugh, I hope I sleep better tonight. 
4. Thanking God for the blessing of living in town. We haven't started the van since Tuesday (thank goodness; gas was $4.07 last time I drove by the station) but have walked to the park, City Hall twice to pay a bill and drop off their mail delivered to us-a $200 sewer cleaning bill!, the hair studio for cuts, the Library, and the Farmer's Market. There is still the 7-11 and the Dollar General I'm reserving for this afternoon if it becomes necessary to buy marshmallows to make rice Krispy treats from the Cocoa Krispies that were in the 3-cereals-in-1-box from Sam's Club. I know they won't like them because they are terrible at scooping the rice and get frustrated. But I really wanted the Corn Pops and Apple Jacks. Silly me.
5. Happy to have renewed my Sam's Club membership here. I was spending a fortune at Meijer. I'm spending a fortune at Sam's Club but I'm not running out of things anymore. Having 3 littles at home and a Hubby in Katmandu or Atlanta or China makes you always want a week's worth of everything on hand. I've baked homemade bread before rather than take 3 to the grocery store! 
6. I did manage to take 3 to the grocery store 2 weeks ago but only because it was my MIL's place of work and she "shopped" with us part of the time and allowed M to "help" cashier as well...because I needed cake mixes for the parties. There must not have been any at Sam's!
7. M just asked, "Can we go to Grandma's house to get our toothbrushes?" Hahaha, guess he's tired of using the disposable travel toothbrush I found in the drawer to replace the "real" ones they accidentally left at Grandma's last weekend. A perfect example of my NOT taking my 3 kids shopping. It's not like he's any good at tooth brushing so what does it matter?! 
8. Happy weekend, friend. It's our first weekend in over a month to be at home with no plans, which always sounds glorious, but by Sunday afternoon we are all like, HELP! Haha, that's why I just signed the kids up for the free Lowe's Build and Grow program tomorrow. They (meaning we) will build some cute but useless wooden thing, we will spend money on something we only think is useful, but in reality the most useful thing about it will be filling the morning time together. And earning a patch for their aprons, which are totally adorable. 
9. Me and N on the couch today watching a movie Adventure Buddies. It's the type of free movie the library and such places play this summer. Testing to see if we can handle it. 
10. C's first ride in the Cozy Coupe Weds. He liked it till I walked away to drag the garbage can up the drive. Then he freaked! 
11. C watching the movie, standing on the train toy. He's starting to climb EVERYTHING. 

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