Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Precious Words

M said, "I love you, Mama," at bedtime the other night.  I nearly fell out!

But he's making sure not to be too sweet, since he hasn't said it again in a week!

His words are coming fast and furious, now!  He's like a whole new kid with this vocabulary streak.  Here are some of the adorable things he's saying:

"Geen been," green bean, the food, and his brother when he's wearing green
"Mama, Dada, brobro,Gamma," identifying each of us while pointing
"EEEEEeeeeOOOOoooEEEEeeeOOOOooo" screeching with the monkeys at the zoo
"Gum-eye," what he calls his gummy vitamins
"WeeeOooooWeeeOoooo," what he says when he sees a fire truck, ambulance, or police car
"Poopoo," when he goes, "peepee," at seemingly random intervals or when one of us enters the bathroom.
"Sheeshee," Aunt L, when he sees her picture on the computer screen or while Skyping
"Gama, Papa," identifying my parents on the computer screen or while Skyping
  • Funny story about Skyping my parents: he wants to see Papa at all times - my mom usually holds the laptop - so every time he leaves the screen, he asks, "Papa? Papa? Papa!" until he comes back.  But then M doesn't say anything.  He just wants to see him!
"Dada," when my phone rings or the garage door opens
"Dada go? Mama go?" if one of us is gone, this morning, "Gamma go?" since she visited this weekend
"Gabba Gabba, show, DBD," what he says when he wants to watch TV or DVD
"Key-bee nigh nigh," what he says when we tell him the binky has to stay in bed all day
"Weed," Read
"Pow," Plow, every time he sees a plow, bulldozer, or bobcat
"Mo, pweez?" when he needs more of something - ok, I help him with that one.  First, he says, "Mo!Mo!Mo!"

I hear myself in his vocabulary, too.  Every now and then, I hear:
"Okay, okay, okay, okay!"
In addition to, "Oh, no!  Uh, oh! No, no!"

There is so much more, but I had to tell you about how he's putting two or more words together, identifying people and pictures of people, and associating objects.  I have no doubt his brother is, too, but he just lets M do all the talking!


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

My boys, who are learning to talk right along with yours, imitate me too. I always say "hi sweetie" when Aliza gets in the car after school's out....and now AJ says it too. "Hi sweetie."

David and Kelli said...

YAY! I love when they start talking! Right on track!