Monday, February 21, 2011


That's what we've been!  We just heard on the news that this weekend's snowstorm is a Minnesota February record - so we've been creative with indoors activities the last couple of days.  N, especially, loves being a caveman.  He dumps out all the toys in the 30 gallon tote, lines himself up, and tips it back over onto himself.  This game became especially  fun when I gave him a flashlight!

Last night we were snowed in, so Daddy taught the guys how to make forts.  They thought this was totally hilarious and spent an hour crawling in and out, lining their vehicles up on the chairs.

That's M giving us his big boy face.  I think he was saying "ham!"  He learned it when I fed him a ham and cheese sandwich the other day. "Ham-ham-ham-ham-ham-cheee-"

I definitely have some ham and cheese on my hands with these little cavemen! 

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