Friday, February 25, 2011

Gymnastic Geniuses!

That someday has come.  Auntie L won lots of gymnastics awards - all-state-all-around-champion 2001 & 2003- in her golden years and was ecstatic upon reading our previous post.  She immediately discovered that her local gymnastics center has a preschool open gym time, too, and it just so happened to be TODAY! 

We packed up the boys and took cousin E along for another workout.  The fellas "got" it a little better this time and LOVED running down on the tumble track (apparently, it is NOT called a sproingy thingy - who knew?).

Effervescent N plays peek a boo!

Mmmmph!  M works on pull ups

A spirited game of Crush Your Brother By Octagon

"Whoa, cuz!"  E liked being a "big brother" to his cousins today

M got "shir-shee" so took a drink of "wawa"

Tumble Track Racers: N wins!

Auntie L jumps into the "pit" to show them how it's done!
My boys have had so much fun "doing" gymnastics this week!  I see now how it's the perfect preschool winter activity - not only do the boys enjoy themselves, but I get quite the workout as well.  Lessons may well be in their future. 

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