Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You for Being a Friend

"A real friend 
is one who helps us to
think our best thoughts,
do our noblest deeds, and 
be our finest selves."
I see you, my friends.
When I try to thank a friend for being a friend, I inevitably get all goofy and think of The Golden Girls' theme song that goes, "Thank you for being a friend/Traveled down the road and back again/Your heart is true/You're a pal and a confidant,"  which is what has been happening in my brain for at least 10 minutes while I stare at this screen trying to figure out how to thank my friends for putting up with me and telling them that I'm going to try to be a better friend to them. 

With that, if you are my friend - and I'm pretty sure you are because fairly confident that only a friend of mine would continue to open up this blog and keep reading it -because in the grand scheme of blogging, mine is not all that witty or interesting - thank you. 

You do help me to be my finest self.  Knowing that you are opening this page up today keeps me writing, keeps me in contact those I love, keeps me taking pictures of the boys and our adventures, keeps me positive, and sometimes, even keeps my house clean.  Okay, that last part isn't true.  I just don't post pictures like the one I'm about to show you.  (See how I can't stay serious?  Sheesh.)
Anyhow, I heard a teaching of friendship today, which got me thinking about how many friends I really do have and how I owe each of them a big thank you.  So, thank you. 

This song's for you:


Pam Kelsey said...

Very cute! And remember to take a bow yourself for all of us out there that consider you a friend as well! Love you -

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

You've heard the one about how cleaning your house while your kids are still little is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing, right? Let it go, free yourself!