Sunday, July 22, 2012


The kids and I were delivering Hubs to TVC "on the way 'home'" from vacation. We couldn't check in to the hotel so we stopped at a park in Traverse City to let the boys run off some steam and so I could feed C. They walked the pier, made friends with two couples eating lunch nearby, fed the ducks their peanuts, played in the sand, rolled in the sand, dug in the sand, spun on an old school merry go round ("this is dizzy") then finally headed to the water with our new friends. M just put his toes in. N sat down in it, fully clothed. We had to make a break for it, but not before stripping N nude and literally hosing them down! Then he sat his wet bum down in the sandy pine needles and we started over, trying to get him clean enough to ride in the car. Still they were filthy, so we had to improvise with a coffee mug to bathe them in the hotel bathroom. Life with three little boys is nothing short of an adventure.

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