Sunday, July 8, 2012

Potty training update

I'm a master chart maker. Not really, but I've heard sticker charts work so I made two. The green one for N has two goals: make pee pee on the toilet ring and make poo on the toilet ring. I knew he could do the first, so he'd earn stickers for it, but old habits die hard and he still goes "standing down" if I don't strongly encourage otherwise. That means straddling the commode backward and naked, which was a great trick to get him to go on it at all 6 months ago, but I'm sick of stripping nude, especially in public, and especially for false alarms. After two days, he's earned 6 stickers so we are making progress toward the ice cream he chose as his reward. The second goal? Not even the iPad games reward he chose can convince him it's worth it to make number 2 on the loo. But at least he'sitting on the potty facing forward so maybe that will help? M was copying N's "standing down" behavior which really made me batty, so his first goal is to go standing up, which he can do and N totally refuses to do which explains the goals. He's doing well and has also earned 6 stickers toward ice cream. His second goal is to keep underpants dry all day, which he was already doing. I'm trying to reinforce good behavior. He probably doesn't need sticker rewards as much because he's intrinsically motivated to do these things but I'm hoping that his enthusiasm (he really loves the stickers) will rub off on N.We are 6 solid months into potty training. I think I can safely say that M is trained. Not nighttime of course. I'm not going to go there for a long time. I'd say N is 40% trained. He will pee if I take him in there and is more cooperative about it, but if I am busy or forget, he just goes in the pull up. And he's in a pull up becaus of the poo issue, which now is random and often multiple times a day, not to mention quite...manly? Let's stop there. I also ditched the little potties, they've been cluttering my bathrooms and I detest cleaning the man-poo out of them. The boys hardly blinked when I told them they were gone because they are three years old now. You just never know what's going to be acceptable (removing the potties) or unacceptable (putting the wrong color lid on a sippy cup). Two days into my second attempt at sticker charts and it's going ok. I didnt tell you about the first because it was not very successful. If you don't hear anything, just say a prayer because it probably means we have stalled out again. It took a long time to recover from the regression caused by baby brother's arrival.Speaking of, he's rivaling the brothers for nasty poos! This morning's blowout was the end of a certain sleeper, and I'm moving him up to size 3 as soon as this box of 2's is used up. Tomorrow is his two month appointment where he gets his shots:( poor buddy.

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