Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

Nothing says independence like moving a baby out of your room! On his 8 week birthday C got his nursery. It was more than just taking down the pack and play, though. It involved moving a lot of furniture and clothes, much cleaning, and two trips to Target for the highly anticipated new alarm clock. M has been Occupying Nursery Street for 6 months in an attempt to get the boys to sleep. It mostly worked but created the nursery issue. So C was with us for exactly 8 weeks. Which was 7 weeks, 6 days longer than we shared a room with the twins! Several things convinced us it was the right time to tackle the move:
1. C grunts. Like a little piglet. All night.
2. He is over the max weight limit of 15 lbs for the bassinet. And I'm breaking my back lifting him in and put of that!
3. M has asked several times to move back in with N.
4. Hubs had the 4th off to move heavy stuff.
5. It was literally 100 degrees outside so we had to keep the kids inside anyhow.
6. He's sleeping about 6 hours now so I only nurse him once around 3 or 4 am.
How did the first night go? In a word, FANTASTIC! C now has a safe place where his brothers can't (quite) reach him, I have a cozy nursing space (imagine actually nursing your baby in his nursery...brilliant!) and I can turn the monitor down low enough to hear no grunting. Ahhhh....

Not to mention the three bedrooms are CLEAN due to all the moving about.its a wonderful feeling. Short lived, I know, but Everyone functions better in a clean house. Most importantly, me.

The two boys sharing a room again? Ask me next week. Hopefully I'll have a glowing report for you then.

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