Monday, July 9, 2012

Liz's Awesome Photos

I've got this amazing twin mom friend, Liz, whose name I'm using because I'm showing you some awesome photos she took of our boys back in May.  (The delay in sharing them is my responsibility alone.  SHE is professional and on-time, much UNlike my blogging!)  You can see Liz' work at It's beautiful!

I'm also going to brag on ANOTHER twin mom friend, Erin, whose handiwork is modeled by my little Mr. C. in the last photo.  Her small business is called Marigold Baby, and you can see HER work at Also? Beautiful!

I've got some VERY talented friends, no? 

In no particular order, here are the best of the bunch.  Thank you, Liz and Erin, for making my kids look so fantastic!  Now I have to go feed Mr. Hungry, who got his two month immunizations today, but now you'll have to wait for those (not as awesome) snapshots.  Enjoy!!

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