Monday, July 9, 2012

Catch Up!

Whoo-wee!  Do I have a lot of blogging to catch up on or what?  Having a third child just does not lend itself well to large chunks of free time for uploading photos and blogging.  That's why you've been getting lame-o iphone posts with poor grammar and punctuation and lousy photos.  But something for the clamoring public is better than nothing, I figure.

I know, I know, you're not exactly clamoring.  But you probably would like some decent - or halfway decent - photos.  So here are a few shots taken two weeks ago (sheesh!) at Delta's annual family picnic day (or whatever they called it).  It was quite a spectacle, complete with multiple food vendors, a beer truck - which we skipped of course but is worth mentioning because it was a beer semi with TAPS on the outside of the truck!  I thought it was pretty neat, despite totally NOT being into beer.  Anyhow, we spent most of our time at the kiddie playland which had a dozen or more blow up thingys to climb and bounce on.  But first we toured the airport snowplow on display, which I also thought was pretty stinking cool!  So did Daddy and N, but not so much M....

Up, up...

and away!

Can you see them both in there?

I do not like this, Dad-I-Am. 

But I do!!
Here is where we begin the fun bouncy house type things.  It wasn't until we were leaving I saw the back end of the first one, a dragon, where the kids slide out of a hole right beneath his tail.  Yeah, you read that right.
You're gonna be dragon poop, kids.  Don't be afraid.

They liked climbing this one, despite appearances.

This is worth including because it's proof they can wait in line.

I'm not even sure what this was, but N loved it.


M IS having fun being trapped in a giant netted bounce house with strange large kids, I swear he is.

Kemps' itty bitz ice cream was a blast from the past, when we could only get Dippin Dotz at Cedar Point. 

Stand by the tire! Turn around! Smile! 

because this will be a cool picture, doggone it.
It was a family fun day on the airport grounds, and I'm sure they will be looking for the bounce houses when we fly out again in a couple of weeks, next time we head up to the airport.

Stay tuned for some very recent snapshots and some excellent portraits.

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