Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alice in Wonderland

I'm feeling very British tonight.  I've fallen in love with Matthew Crawley - er, I mean, Downton Abbey - this month, and today I've fallen in love with scones.

Yes, scones.

It started like this.
Sunday: Uncle D and J's wedding shower.
Monday: I FREAK out because now it's time to start planning Aunt L's wedding shower.  I'm her Matron of Honor, after all.
Tuesday: Pinterest.  Tea Party?  Yes, please.
Wednesday: pick up tea party books and assorted groceries
Thursday: Tea Party Practice

I spent this morning making
1. buttermilk scones
2. smoked salmon tea sandwiches
3. tiny little salami and PBJ's for the boys' lunch

Then I the picture below to Aunt L and Grandma A:

They replied that I should save some and they'll be over later.

That's when a screw kind of came loose.  I spent the rest of the afternoon making:
4. bacon and cheddar scones
5. cucumber tea sandwiches
6. chutney cheddar tea sandwiches
7. peanut butter jelly scones

Yeah.....Crazy.  But fun!  The boys helped by ripping the mint leaves off their stems and dumping the dry ingredients into the mix.  They left me alone as long as I played "Mighty Machines" on the Netflix for them. 

I set out the mismatched china - I had one sample set of my mother's (pictured) that we will use for the tea party, and a few random pieces I picked up from the Goodwill for 25 cents each, and I gave the boys my stoneware.  Because really, in 11 years I've never used the teacups and saucers.  And I set out the few teabags I had, all sleepytime herbal stuff, and we had a tea party!

Everyone loved it, I think M and N most of all!  Here are their favorites:
M: smoked salmon - he was INHALING them!  The most expensive item on the menu and my 3 year old was tearing through them.
N: PBJ, of course.  The only thing he ever asks for, all day, every day.
Hubs: Bacon and cheddar scones, which I made just for him.  He loves bacon.
Aunt L: buttermilk scones and cucumber sandwiches - she's a traditional bride!
Grandma A: salami and butter - I didn't know she liked them so much!
Me: They are all my children so I loved them all.  Haha!  I'm not posting my favorite. 

Now I have to teach myself how to brew a proper pot of tea, make clotted cream, buy a teapot, collect china, find myself a the venue.....

I feel like the Mad Hatter!

Guess that makes Aunt L Alice in Wonderland!

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Meika said...

I had good luck for teacups and saucers at TJ Maxx and assorted secondhand stores around here. I think I paid $7 for two at TJ Maxx, and about a dollar for all the rest.