Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First day of Preschool!

It went off without a hitch! We DID take pictures on the Nikon to ensure quality photos for the day my desktop Dino is Re-assembled for uploading/Shutterfly-print-ordering purposes, but in the inevitable chaos of new-house-where-is-my-stuff?-kids-slept-in-on-the-first-day-of-school business, I don't have a pic for you. Not sure how I forgot to snap an iPhone pic, but I did!

The fellas nearly RAN down the hall toward their lockers and showed us (bc Hubs and C came too) how to hang their coats and backpacks in their lockers and barely said goodbye before joining the ranks to say the Pledge of Allegiance (are you kidding me?! The Pledge!!!) with the 4th and 5th graders. Unbelievable!

I got my first taste of being a mom of school aged kids today, too, after picking them up and asking what they did. I suppose I should know better! All I got out of them was that they had cupcakes for snack. Such men.

Their teacher just handed me a stack of papers to fill out and sign (should have seen that coming) and said, "they did great." My first grade teacher sister assures me that it means they did great. Whew!

Looking forward to Thursday morning, when I drop them off again and take C to the Mecca:Meijer! (For my non-Michigan friends, it's like Super Target or Super Wal-Mart on steroids. They sell everything, including hunting equipment. I know because I was with someone who shall remain nameless and bought my brother camouflage hunting bibs for Christmas there. It's HUGE.)

In case you are wondering what I did with my "free" time this morning, Aunt M and I unpacked like crazy ladies for two hours, getting the boys' bedroom and laundry/mud room/entrance in working order. Thanks, M! I'll post pics soon, I promise!


April said...

Sounds like a great day! :) Glad everything is moving along and you are getting all settled in. Miss you already friend!

Kim and Steve said...

Thanks April! Miss you too! Glad to hear some girls are taking good care of you. Keep your feet and your chin up!

Kim and Steve said...
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Kim CS said...

So happy that it all went well!! Hope you're enjoying being back! Miss you here in MN, though!