Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday

- c started army crawling first thing this morning! Guess he was waiting for a special occasion: first morning in his new Michigan house.
- we found his 3rd tooth popped through this morning, too! Finally!
- it took all morning to find everything we needed for a cereal breakfast and clothes for church, but we made it better late than never. Such a warm welcome from our CCC church family :)
- much of our crew materialized again this afternoon for more unpacking and relocating furniture to my folks' house, but wouldn't you know it, that blankety-blank Budget truck refused to start?! At least mom and and I got the soup-Er bowls unpacked and my kitchen functioning.
- N's a bit under the weather. Not surprised that all the the activity is catching up with him. He and I and C stayed home from the Superbowl party. I hope he can shake this so he doesn't have to miss his first day of preschool Tuesday!
-tired but happy. It's been a super Sunday for me.
- c is SO proud of himself. He instinctively Beelines straight to the big boys' toys!
-n sleeping now. Notice there are no bedrails? No one fell out last night, so far so good!

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