Monday, February 25, 2013

Wedding Shower Bliss

Last night after the kids went to bed, I told Hubs, "This is the best moment in Michigan yet," somewhat quizzically, he tilted his head. "Because we are here. In our house, going to sleep in our own bed tonight."

Yesterday was Uncle D and Aunt J to be's wedding shower. It was classy, beautiful, fun, busy, crazy, emotional, exhausting, exhilarating - all the things big milestone events like your brother's wedding should be. Even the boys partook briefly, for the cupcakes of course.

We would have moved heaven and earth to make it to that shower, and if you count moving our household to a new state, we did. Otherwise we would have flown the kids, packed the suitcases, rushed the gift-purchasing and making, crashed at Mom's, wrestled the kids to sleep there, repacked and done everything in reverse to get back to a weekend.

Instead, We bought lamps last week, because UD told us 12 years ago we couldn't get married because we didn't even have a lamp. He bought us our first lamp. We returned the favor yesterday. I made food for the party and even had some wonderful company to Assist. Then we all partied like it was breakfast at Tiffany's and at the end of the day, we all tucked into our cozy familiar beds.

No suitcases.
No standby flights.
No checking car seats.
No splitting up to fly separately (but we did drive 10 miles separately).
No anxiety (besides the egg bakes taking too long).

Just drive home and tuck them in and talk about how beautiful the bride was, how ebullient the groom was, how delicious the egg bakes and white chocolate Tiffany blue dyed pretzels were ;), instead of what we usually talk about: how we are going to fly 5 people home standby tomorrow?

Love. Life.

Me MCing a shower game
The girl cousins:Aunt L, Me, Bride J, L, E, J
N and M the thug eating gourmet cupcakes (right before Daddy whisked them away to play toys at Grandma's, lest the cuteness wear off)
UD opening one of our gifts: a handmade afghan From me ;)

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