Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day 3

-hubs and FIL had the truck serviced, but the "fix" didn't hold and they had no heat in the cab.
-they bought a little heater you plug into the lighter but it died
-they tried to drive through the night but eventually the windshield washer fluid froze up so they couldn't see and had to stop.
-they slept 6 hours and hit the road only to find the clipper system they had been ahead of caught them. They drive in snow, but daylight, most of the day.
-even the dumb horn quit working when they tried honking at someone who cut them off.
-they pulled in at 4:00 EST and our crew, who had been waiting all day, sprang to action.
-by 8:00, the crib, the twins' beds, and our bed was assembled.
-now I'm supervising my kids because they ate an undetermined amount of M&M's and cookies (but not the party sub, of course) that were for the crew. Also, their twin beds are about two feet closer, making the jump between beds a nightly gymnastics meet.
- we are beat, but happy to have had our new house full of our families tonight unpacking and laughing about how FIL and Hubs were a living embodiment of " Groundhog Day" today!
-P.S. don't use this company for moving trucks.
-some of our happy crew: FIL driving, Hubs, Uncle K to be, Uncle D, Uncle A (who brought his sweet girlfriend who helped watch the boys!) not pictured, Grandma and Papa K, Aunt M, Aunt L, myself. Grandma A and the kids were hanging at her house while the truck unloaded.
Lots of fun ahead tomorrow: church, unpack more, Superbowl Party...never a dull moment here, never.


Meika said...

Welcome back to Michigan! I'm glad they finally made it.

Kim and Steve said...

Thanks Meika! Got the silly truck returned send 5/8 of our truck fee returned too. So not bad. Sooo glad to be back home!