Monday, July 26, 2010

14 Month Birthday Picnic

We celebrated the boys' 14 month birthday yesterday with a goose poop deck scrubbing party picnic in the park because it was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Both boys are WALKING!  They've been up and at 'em for a week now, exhausting their parents every waking minute of the day. 
They invented a game, pushing the wagon round and round in circles.  If they were both on the same side, like this, it worked pretty well.  One on each side didn't work well at all!
We finished our picnic with some soft-serve ice cream from our local Dairy DeLite.  For the first time, we bought the boys their own cup to share:

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The Alexanders said...

so cute! I keep thinking that we are going to have to get the boys their own pretty soon because my husband and I hardly get a bite at all anymore, they are like three little vultures and they do not like it very much when we stop feeding them to give ourselves a bite!