Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Bums

Less than two miles away from our home is a beautiful city park on a lovely lake, complete with a beach.  Now that we are parents, we appreciate the local parks in our area more than ever.  Saturday was a hot one, so why not try out the beach?  We packed up a picnic lunch, the SPF, suits, swim diapers, and sand toys (aka plastic food containers) and headed out.

Matthew didn't mind the sand, but it slowed down his "knee-walking," so he got his arms swinging back and forth to get going!  [Maybe the sand and grass at the park that day motivated them to get up on their feet because on Sunday they started WALKING!  Yep, they're fearless now, just letting 'er rip!]
The food containers were forgotten the second they spotted another kid's toy basket.  So, we let them play for a few made for cuter pictures than our toys!
I like this's very...surfer magazine-esqe. 
(And my highlights look great!)

So, what did we learn?
The beach is fun.
For 20 minutes.
Then you have to go home because the babies start eating the sand.
And drinking the lake water.
Like a dog.
And scream when you try to change them into dry diapers.
Because the lake water is giving them diaper rash.
And the sand is sticking to their man-parts.
So you have to put sandy wet kids in their hot car seats.
And carry them up 35 stairs.
To bathe them.
Then yourself.
Are we ready for a beach trip with the boys?
Not yet.
Would I trade a Saturday afternoon at the beach with boys?
Not for anything in the world.

Happy Summer from the Aulds Beach Bums!

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The Alexanders said...

hahaha I love it!!! We have not taken the boys to a beach yet becuase with only two of us and three of them and your list of issues (all of which I know would apply to us), I am just a little nervous!!! Looks like you guys had an awesome 20 minutes :)

And I am not sure if you saw the picture I posted of the pea pods...they are AWESOME. If you google kidco pea pods they should pop up with all the info!