Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Week in Pictures

Monday: I took the boys to watch Daddy play softball.  Matthew didn't take his eyes off the game.  Nathan didn't take his eyes off the goldfish crackers.
Tuesday: I took the boys to see the Puppet Wagon at our favorite park.  It's cute and a good excuse for a picnic on a beautiful afternoon.
Wednesday: We introduced them to Veggie Tales this week, and it's getting easier to feed them vegetables!  I walked the boys down to the farmer's market and the man I bought veggies from gave each boy a cucumber.  I let them play with them on the way home, only to discover that Nathan ate half of the cucumber when he tossed it overboard and it got run over by the stroller!  Matthew had chewed a significant chunk off of his, too.  I didn't get photos of that, unfortunately, but I did get this.  After breakfast that morning, while I was cleaning in the kitchen, they somehow got this bowl of grapes off the dining room table and were eating them as fast as possible when I found them.  I guess they were still hungry!

Thursday: Daddy's working an evening shift today, so it was playtime with Daddy all morning!  Mommy got a chance to actually clean the boys' room while they played and discovered some forgotten trucks.
The End.

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