Thursday, July 15, 2010

EEGADS, it's hot!

It was so hot and stormy here yesterday that we did not venture outside.  I think it was like Texas yesterday: 93 degrees and about 99% humidity.  Not until 10pm did the humidity let up.  Ick.  The good news is that we're lookin' at a high of 83 with sunshine and low humidity today.  THAT'S what summer's supposed to be!

Praise the Lord for air conditioning!  We spent the better part of yesterday reading library books- okay, flipping and flinging them, but you gotta start somewhere - and climbing in and out of the inflatable playhouse I mentioned last time.

 EEEEEGADS!  This house is so fun my hair stands on end!
Peek-A-Boo!  You can even see in his eyes how he's laughing!  
That's a "window" Nathan's peeking through.  He loved the challenge of climbing through it rather than the "doors" on either side.  Notice how the house sags under his girth?
We nearly wore out the toys yesterday, so we're venturing outside this afternoon for a playdate with an old friend.  Okay, my old friend and her baby girl, since we can't quite call them "old," right?

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