Friday, July 30, 2010

Sands of Time?

That was the name of the color.  I imagined a nice, neutral tan-ish to compliment my beautiful, shiny chocolate-mousse colored shower curtain, which I did iron (pats self on back).

What do you see when you hear "sands of time?"  Beaches, perhaps?  Maybe a sandbox?

Whatever you saw, I'm certain it wasn't a flashback to high school.  Hideous, awful high school whose colors were brown and gold.  Where the girls wore gold gowns for graduation and the boys wore brown.


  Okay, I'll admit, the photo makes it look better.  But still...not the beautiful, spa-like retreat I'd imagined.  (ha, ha, right?  The boys' bath toys haven't invaded yet.)  

I need to go watch another episode of Color Confidential on HGTV.  Better yet, I need to apply to the show so I can have paint-color-therapy session.

Or maybe I should apply a big brown and gold adhesive warrior head to my mirror?  Yeah, that'll do it.  Because it'll be 6 more years before I get up the gumption to paint again.
It really was  a good idea on Monday.

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