Monday, July 26, 2010

Do you work outside the home, or stay home with your kids?

Rather than do my laundry and clean my kitchen, I've decided to answer Multiples and More Blog Network's Question of the Week.  I haven't participated in awhile.

  • Do you work outside the home or stay home with the kids?
    • I'm staying at home with my 14 month old twin boys.
  • How did you come to that decision?  Are you glad you made that decision?
    • I was struggling mightily with the decision, when, at 26 weeks, I was told that my teaching position was going to be eliminated for the following school year.  So, it was easy to decide to stay at home.  And yes, I'm glad that it happened!
  • What is your favorite aspect of staying at home?  Least favorite?
    • I love being here to witness and record every "first," to be paid in hugs and kisses, to drink coffee and blog during morning nap!  My least favorite aspect is the late afternoon, when we are all on each other's nerves and Daddy is still and hour or two from coming home from work!
  • If you stay at home, did you have to make adjustments to your lifestyle to make this work?
    • Yes, we go shopping and out to eat far, far less.  Almost never.  That's why I post about it when we take the boys out for pizza - it's an event!  And I have become a coupon and rebate queen!  
  • Do you plan to continue doing what you're doing now? Or make a change in the future?
    • We've decided that I'll stay home with the boys for the next school year, as well.  It's working for us right now.  We're taking it one school year at a time, but I fully intend to go back to teaching sometime.
  • What advice would you give to a mom who is pregnant and deciding whether to stay  home with her kids or go back to work?
    • They'll only be babies once.  You've got the rest of your life to work.

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