Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to My Dollywood!

I'm not a country music fan, but I do know who Dolly Parton is.  And I learned a lot more on our trip last week - she's the face of Eastern Tennessee.  Everywhere you go, there is a billboard advertising "her" Dollywood, "her" Splash Country, and "her" Dixie Stampede.  (I'm sure there are more of "her" places, but I lost track after that.)  It appears she has singlehandedly created the tourism industry in Eastern Tennessee. 
You'd think people down there would be on Dolly-overload, but they're not.  They LOVE her!  More than once I heard how much she's given back to the community, how she visits often and meets the people who work at her businesses, (she was in Branson, MO, the week we were there, otherwise - who knows? - we may have met her, too) how she donated money to the recent Tennessee flood victims, and on and on! 

So we went to Dollywood!

(Now, before you tell me that an amusement park is no place for two one year olds, let me tell you that I know that already!  But when a blessing like Dollyworld tickets lands in your laps, you have to go!)

Steve and I stayed behind to make sure the boys got naps while the rest of the family started the Dollywood Day when the park opened, then, off we went!  We went straight to the Carousel, the boys' first amusement park ride EVER!

The enjoyed the ride so much, we did it twice!  Never mind we were waiting for some slow-pokes to join us in kiddie land.  Next we all rode the flying elephants - here's my nephew Evan enjoying his ride.

Matthew LOVED the rides and snuggled close to Daddy on the ferris wheel.  We would have loved to stay longer to see my dad and Seth on the rollercoasters,
But someone just couldn't handle any more fun!

I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and well-kept Dollyworld was.  If we ever get a chance to go and see the rest of the park, I'm sure we'll be back!  Thanks, Dolly!

P.S. I promise I'll tell you about the Dixie Stampede, so stay tuned.  This is getting long and some babies are getting squirrely.

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One Girl, Two Boobs said...

I love Dolly! I grew up listening to her songs with my Mom and they are still some of my favorites :)